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community Action Development Bethlehem

our History

Since 1998, Community Action Development Bethlehem has advanced a neighborhood-based vision of community and economic development that builds on the strengths and assets of our diverse community in Bethlehem. Community Action Development Bethlehem seeks to improve the quality of life in Bethlehem by empowering residents and expanding economic opportunity through the implementation of Southside’s Tomorrow, a coalition-based community development initiative focusing on promoting Housing Affordability and Quality, improving Communication and Connectivity, and supporting Public and Green Spaces in south Bethlehem.  

housing quality and affordability

We believe that affordable, quality housing is the foundation of a healthy, thriving community. We work to improve the quality of Bethlehem’s housing stock, advocate for affordable rental and homeownership opportunities, and empower residents to participate in decision-making processes regarding the future of their community. 

Communication and Connectivity

We believe that a more equitable future for the Southside depends on all community members having a voice in the decisions that affect their lives and their neighborhoods. We work alongside our neighbors, small businesses, and community stakeholders to develop relationships, foster community pride, and advocate for a neighborhood-driven vision for our Southside’s future. 

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People in Park
Public and Green Spaces

We believe that thriving neighborhoods include public infrastructure and accessible green spaces that bring residents and visitors together, as well as clean, safe, and attractive commercial districts. Our community development projects build on the assets and history of our community and are led by residents, business owners, and other stakeholders with deep roots in our communities. 

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