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US Senator Pat Toomey, who lives here in the Lehigh Valley, issued a press release calling Mr. Trump’s budget “A Pro-Taxpayer Budget.” Of course, the taxpayers, at least those at the top of the income ranks among us, already got a huge gift from this president and his sympathizers in Congress just a couple years ago. The result is that many of America’s top corporations don’t have to pay anything to the nation that made them wealthy. It also resulted in the first-ever trillion-dollar deficit – not our total debt but just one year’s deficit.

At the time, Community Action joined many others in publicly predicting that the resulting deficit would bring new calls from the president and his buddies for deep cuts in domestic spending. So, we’re borrowing money from China to give the money to our wealthiest people and companies, running up the deficit, then calling on the least of us – homeless people, children, the disabled, those whose talents are worth little in an increasingly complex marketplace – to fork over the pathetic little bit of support they get from our government (a family of three on “welfare” collects all of $403 per month in cash assistance).

So, go ahead, senator, take food from the mouths of children, evict the families who have so little they can’t pay the rent, let seniors sit in their cold, dark homes. At least the lucky few will have fatter bank accounts.

#TakeBackDemocracyRally #communityaction #legislation #politics

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