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Celebrate National Public Gardens Day

The Friday before Mother’s Day our country celebrates National Public Gardens Day to increase awareness of public gardens, community gardens, arboretums and botanical gardens.

The West Ward Neighborhood Partnership is doing our part in Easton, where we have the largest number of community gardens in the Lehigh Valley. 

Thirteen community gardens throughout the West Ward provide residents with a space to plant and harvest vegetables to enhance their diets, to socialize with our neighbors and to learn about healthy eating habits.

We also have an urban farm, partnering with a local farmer to start a community supported agriculture program in which people can buy shares of the farmer’s production for $15.00 per week; this can feed two adults or $25.00 per week can feeds four adults.

At Community Action we have a major commitment to anti-hunger and healthy eating initiatives but this project adds a strong self-help element.

What a great way to enjoy the outdoors – meeting new people, sharing stories and recipes with your neighbors, and contributing to the war against hunger by planting and harvesting vegetables (not only for your own but also for the food banks in the area). 

We encourage all our readers to get involved in a community garden in their area and to give us a call at 610-515-0891 to learn how to start a garden or to volunteer at one of the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership’s gardens.

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