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I didn’t come up with the term. But it works.

How can you watch accounts of thousands of people dying all around you and come to the conclusion that it’s all a scam to deny you your God-given freedom? That’s a pretty elaborate scam. Could you really believe that those of us who think it’s wise to do everything in our power to avoid dying an ugly death where your lungs fill up and you essentially drown in your own fluid could pull off such an elaborate scam? That’s the way they go – they drown.

So you see the warnings everywhere you look, in every newspaper, on every news program, on every commercial you watch. And these people are all working together behind the scenes, conspiring like a bunch of Snidely Whiplashes. Doctors, nurses, elected officials, community leaders are making this stuff up to make you crazy conspiracy loonies even loonier.

And, so, those of us who don’t want to die are somehow consigning you to something less than the complete and total freedom you think you should have to do anything you want to anyone under any circumstance. Frankly, the world would probably be a better place if we let you do that. The problem is, you’d be putting innocent people’s lives at risk, the very people (like my daughter, who’s a nurse in Denver) who sacrificed their lives every day to protect yours. And you think they should have to suffer and even die so that you can be free to drown in your own fluid?

And you want us to think that’s okay. Man, you’re crazier than I thought. Your truth is your own truth. There are no facts – only what you believe. And you can have what you believe, no matter how crazy, affirmed by some crazy website somewhere on the Internet.

What is it you want to do that is so important that my daughter should have to die to enable you to do it?

Yes, that has to be the very definition of an idiot. Actually, of a Covidiot. And at the top of the Covidiot pyramid is the Covidiot-in-chief, the man who could lead you out of your idiocy if

he cared enough about you. But that’s not going to happen. Because he’s crazier still. Hard to believe it’s possible, I know.

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