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December 10th on WDIY’s Lehigh Valley Discourse: Alan Jennings Talks with Civil Rights Veteran, Shei

“With the national holiday celebrating the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., just days away, I will turn the attention of listeners to the civil rights movement.”  – Alan Jennings, Executive Director of Community Action

 Sheila Michaels, a veteran of the civil rights movement who worked for SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) and CORE (Congress for Racial Equality) in the early 1960’s, knew and worked with some of the top leaders of the movement and has been featured among the movement’s leaders in social history archives kept by various universities.  Also joining him on the show will be Kevin Easterling, Executive Director of the Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King Memorial Project of the Lehigh Valley, who is hard at work promoting racial justice here in the Lehigh Valley. 

Join Community Action’s Alan Jennings as he welcomes Sheila Michaels and Kevin Easterling to Lehigh Valley Discourse, Tonight, January 10, at 6 PM. 

Click here to Tune in to WDIY 88.1 FM LV Discourse.  

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