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Entitlements, Politics, and Debt… Oh My!

Community Action Planner and Poverty’s Edge contributor, Ryan Champlin, also publishes his own personal blog Bethlehem By Foot. (A permanent link can be found in our blogroll) Ryan describes his blog as “an author’s journey as a new resident in a city without a car, along with a critical look at urban design and a commentary on the impacts of those designs.”

As a Smart Growth enthusiast with a commitment to sustainability – who has also been known to contribute to RenewLV’s blog Crossroads – Ryan uses Bethlehem By Foot to do what we hope to do with Poverty’s Edge… promote civil discourse, encourage people to understand and talk about important issues, and start finding some solutions.  His most recent post – Entitlements, Politics, and Debt… Oh My! – discusses the current economic crisis, the political climate, and what our elected officials are – and are not – doing to come up with an answer.

“This is a crisis; make no mistake about that. We’ve downplayed it and distracted ourselves from it for too long. It’s time to put our asinine political games and arrogance aside. Let’s talk!”

*Please note our Disclaimer page in the main menu regarding links to outside sources.

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