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Gaining Financial Freedom

Revitalizing a neighborhood is not just about rebuilding the bricks and mortar to make the neighborhood look beautiful; there are other important ways to improve the quality of life for the residents who reside within it.

 InJordanHeightswe strive to encourage our residents to take advantage of every opportunity to reach their maximum potential and be self-sufficient. We are here to connect them to resources available in the neighborhood and surrounding areas and, if there are resources lacking, we do our best to bring those resources to the residents.  For this reason Jordan Heights Neighborhood Partnership and Wells Fargo Bank will hold a free banking course inJordanHeights.

“Hands on Banking” promotes financial independence by teaching students the basics of banking.  They will learn the benefits of opening a checking and savings account with an accredited financial institution instead of depending on predatory check cashing places. The classes then move on to managing credit.  Most financial institutions will not lend money to purchase a car or home or to start a business unless the buyer has a decent credit history.  In this session we will teach students the importance of credit, how to use a credit card responsibly, how to avoid bad credit, how to take the right steps to get out of it and if a student finds themselves in too much debt.

More often than not we will come across people who, to the outside world, are successful, have good jobs, nice house, fancy cars, but behind closed doors are struggling with a mountain of debt and, if they are not careful, money can disappear very quickly.  That is why having a good budget is so valuable. In the third class for “Hands on Banking” we will teach our students how to create a budget that works for them and give them tips on how to stick to that budget.  Finally, in session four, after our students have been given the tools they need to gain financial independence, we will go over how to plan for the future.  The instructors will speak about why it’s so important to plan for that home you want to purchase, or for that business you want to start or for the college tuition you want to provide for your children.

We hope the “Hands on Banking” course will provide the students the tools to become financially secure and independent.  Families that are financially secure are more likely to become engaged leaders in their community.  The more engaged residents we have in our community the healthier it will be and soonJordanHeightswill be a thriving, vibrant community that people want to move into, but first we have to strengthen the most important asset in the neighborhood has: its residents!

 If you are interested in the “Hands on Banking” course, which will start September 20th at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church from 6-7:30 pm.  For more information contact Ellen Denizard at or call 610-443-5703.

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