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God Save America

I have long said that I am cynical enough to understand what I’m up against but optimistic enough to pick the fight anyway.

Watching, disgusted and sickened by the presence of the devil in Stephen Pollack, tips the balance in favor of cynicism over optimism. All Americans should be embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated by the fact that we believe Stephen Pollack’s right to own automatic weapons that he turned like a coward on innocent people he never met is apparently more important than the right those innocents had to live. Each of us has tolerated for far too long the very existence of a massive, powerful organization that spits in the face of the American concept of democracy. How is it that a handful of lunatics who control the National Rifle Association can hold the throats of 535 members of Congress and keep them from making America right when it comes to guns. The notion that our forefathers intended for any American to own an automatic weapon when all they had in the 18 century were single shot muskets is a pathetic distortion of those forefathers’ intent.

Automatic weapons have no place in the hands of anyone in this country outside of our military and, maybe, some law enforcement officials

But just when you think it can’t get any worse, the manufacturers of these killing machines see their stock prices jump with each new horrific shooting. Shouldn’t we tax away every nickel of that profit and put it in the hands of the innocents and their survivors? Or maybe fund a campaign to point out how sick our country has become if, indeed, the murder of innocent schoolchildren or concertgoers doesn’t shake some sense into us?

Instead of singing “God bless America,” we should change the lyrics to “God save America.” We should all be on our knees begging for forgiveness.


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