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I see, now, that the president is egging on the tiny sliver of the population that thinks that denying the rights of people to die a horrendous death is somehow an outrage. This contingent is loaded with skinheads, Nazis and other extremists who would have been in the line to be recruited by Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles. And they’re mad as hell at the tyranny of the majority for not letting them risk lives so they could risk their lives.

No. No, sir, you have it backwards. Your tiny minority is crazy. And you’re carrying SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPONS (AND, YES, I’M YELLING!)! Which side is the tyrannical side?

Go ahead, take your chances with your life. Seriously. But please don’t send innocent first responders to that horrendous fate by expecting them to care for you. Take your rights, face the consequences. But please don’t take my daughter’s life (she’s a nurse).

You don’t seem to understand that we are, like it or not, inextricably (that means impossible to disentangle) linked. All of us. Yes, including you and I.

Someone has to grow our food, someone else has to drive the cranes, others to wait on tables, someone to drill for oil, and then there are teachers, the nurses; how about the forklift operators in those warehouses about which everyone is always complaining, the artists, the scientists. Get it? If you don’t sell me gas, I can’t get to work. If I don’t work, I lose my house. If I lose my house, my neighbors’ property values decline. If my neighbors’ property…

So, just to make sure you get the points, let me offer you some memorable lines from memorable people whose impact on the human condition has been extra-extraordinary. (Note that people don’t get honored by history for saying stupid things like, “Who cares about you?” Or, “I’m gonna shoot your ass!” Or, “the coronavirus is a hoax.”). To wit:

“All you need is love” – John Lennon

“Love thy neighbor” – Jesus Christ

“The bell tolls…for thee” – John Dunne

“To promote the general welfare” – Preamble, United States Constitution

“Smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now” – Jesse Colin Young

No gun nuts in THAT lot! Folks, that’s the only way we have any hope of surviving this: if we all agree we should survive. So put down those killing machines, maybe get a sewing machine, make masks, or take up a collection, ask your neighbor if she needs help. Even better, just think about others ahead of yourself.

As I have said too many times, we really are all better off when we are all better off. Smile. Let’s go make a difference.

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