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July 12th on WDIY’s Lehigh Valley Discourse: Scott Parsons and Vic Mazziotti

“There is so much going on, so much at stake while too few people are paying attention.  Local politics affect our lives in so many ways and, yet, so much of it happens with too few people weighing in.” – Alan Jennings

Join Community Action’s Alan Jennings and his guest Scott Parsons, first-year county legislator who defeated Ron Angle last year to join Northampton County Council, and Vic Mazziotti, who was part of an organized block of conservatives elected to the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.  During their short stint, there has been much to watch closely: the historic battle over the Neighborhood Improvement Zone; a difficult state budget; the selection of a new CEO at LVEDC; a stubbornly stagnant economy; property tax reassessment.  There are sixty-two municipalities, two counties, one region and much to discuss on this week’s show.  Tune in to WDIY 88.1 FM LV Discourse this Thursday, July 12th at 6PM.  

Click here to listen!

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