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Contractors will weatherize 20 homes to generate new interest in saving money on energy costs as winter approaches.

Date:       August 13, 2014 Time:       10:30 AM Location:  1600 Hastings Road, Bethlehem

With the harsh winter behind us still giving people the shivers and the next winter approaching, it is a good time to think about how to save money on heating costs. The Community Action Lehigh Valley, PPL Electric Utilities and the network of partners weatherizing homes in the Lehigh Valley will put on an impressive display of resources this week to showcase the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of homes.

Representatives of PPL Electric Utilities, Community Action and the residents who will have their homes weatherized will speak about the service and how to apply.

At the location and time listed above, the two groups will line up contractors and their trucks, new refrigerators and water heaters and more as they prepare to start weatherizing homes. PPL and Community Action representatives will discuss the program’s eligibility requirements, measures that are applied to the homes, how to sign up for the program and more.


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