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Press Release: Lehigh Valley Fair Budget Coalition will host a Legislative Forum on April 13, 2012 a


The Lehigh Valley Fair Budget Coalition will hold a hearing at which invited state legislators will hear the concerns of constituents who have been receiving services but are at risk of losing those services due to proposed budget cuts to critical state programs.  The event will take place on Friday, April 13, 2012, at 1 PM at Northampton Community College’s Fowler Family Southside Center, located at 511 East Third Street in Bethlehem.  PA Representatives Steve Samuelson, Joe Brennan and Bob Freeman, and PA Senator Lisa Boscola have committed to attend the event.   

Governor Corbett’s proposed budget for 2012-2013 slashes education, human services, and community and economic development programs that help individuals become self-sufficient and are essential elements of a thriving community. 

If the Governor’s proposed budget passes, the Commonwealth will spend twice the amount on prisons than on higher education in fiscal year 2012-2013.  With this budget, every gain in school funding enacted by the General Assembly over the past decade will be wiped out over the course of just two years.  Several lines in the Department of Public Welfare budget that provide crucial services to the most vulnerable among us were cut by 20% and were then repackaged into the new Human Services Development Fund block grant.  General Fund support for the Department of Community and Economic Development was cut 35% since 2010-2011 and 65% since 2007-2008.

Organizers of the forum believe severe cuts to any one of these programs will impact the greater community and stand united for a fair and balanced budget.   

The Lehigh Valley Fair Budget Coalition is an informal alliance of non-profits and local government organized to challenge the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s dangerous reductions in spending on programs that enhance the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.

For more information please contact:  

Alan Jennings 610-691-5620

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