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Press Release: Low-Income Elderly And Disabled Homeowners Eligible For Repairs To Homes Damaged By “


CONTACT:    Alan L. Jennings                             610-248-9900

Volunteer Effort Will Make Repairs up to $1,000 per Affected Home

The task force that came together to coordinate the outpouring of good will following the February, 2011, gas explosion in Allentown has organized a volunteer-based effort to assist Lehigh Valley residents whose homes were damaged by the “superstorm” that disrupted the region the week of October 29.  The effort, custom-made to respond to the storm’s damage to homes, was announced today at a press conference in the 911 Center operated by Northampton County Emergency Management Services located in Nazareth.

The project was announced by Alicia Miller Karner, Economic Development Administrator for Northampton County, and President of the Board of Directors of the Community Action Lehigh Valley.  “As too many of our neighbors are painfully aware, the Lehigh Valley has spent the past two weeks emerging from the calamity that was Hurricane Sandy.  We may have dodged the worst of the storm, but there is plenty of work to be done and we are proud that, once again, the Lehigh Valley is taking care of its own.”

 Northampton County Emergency Management Director Robert Mateff reported that thousands of calls came into the county, despite the storm’s course veering in a direction that spared the region relative to weather forecasts.  Mateff expressed doubt that the region would qualify for assistance from the state or federal emergency management agencies to assist those whose homes were not spared.  He thanked the donors, volunteers and organizations that took the initiative to assist their neighbors.

 The project is being coordinated by Hal Black, a volunteer who is a retired Air Products executive.  Black and the task force recruited teams of volunteers to visit the homes of eligible households to assess the damage.  If the repairs needed fall within the scope of the volunteers’ skills, they will be made immediately.  In situations where the home requires more specialized skills, the Community Action Lehigh Valley will use the contractors that work in its weatherization program.  Households that meet the following criteria will be eligible for assistance:

  1. Residents of Lehigh and Northampton counties

  2. Households  in which the owner-occupant is 65 years of age or older and/or has physical limitations that prevent them from making the improvements themselves

  3. Homeowners lacking insurance or whose insurance does not cover the damage

  4. The damage was clearly caused by “Superstorm” Sandy

  5. Total household income falls below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.  For example, a single resident must have an income below $22,340, a household of two below $30,260, and a household of three below $38,180.

Up to $1,000 in repairs will be made to the homes. 

Northampton and Lehigh county residents whose circumstances fit the criteria above are asked to call Community Action at 610-691-5620.  The agency will need basic information to determine eligibility before dispatching a team.

The task force raised $40,000 for this initiative.  The sources include the Northampton County General Purpose Authority, which allocated $20,000, and ESSA Bank, the Lehigh Valley Labor Council, retired PPL CEO William Hecht, and an anonymous donor, each of which donated $5,000.

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