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Save the Allentown Boxing Gym

State Boxing Champion, Hector Bayanilla

The Allentown Boxing Gym is a program that provides a safe and fun environment for local youth, keeping them off the streets, out of trouble, and excited about using their energy and free time to work toward personal goals. The Boxing Program has taken many of its young boxers to highly regarded tournaments in the past few months. The team took second place at the Golden Gloves competition where 6 out of 9 boxers brought home a victory. In March, 4 participants won first place in local championships and 3 took first place in state championships held in Pittsburgh. The program went on to enter 6 boxers in the Junior Olympics in May. Their success led to a spot in the Eastern Regional Championship where 2 Allentown boxers became Eastern Region Champions and one was named “boxer of the tournament.”

Until recently, Allentown Boxing Gym has been funded by a grant through the Allentown Weed & Seed Program, but the grant has ended and the gym is short on funds to keep the program going. In collaboration with their only sponsor, SmileKrafters, the gym will be hosting an event next week to raise awareness about the program in hopes of keeping its doors open. Below is the media alert that went to press earlier today with details of the event. Please join us.

ALLENTOWN, PA, June 24, 2011 –SmileKrafters, a local dentistry practice, will announce its commitment to a partnership with the Allentown Boxing Gym, which is in danger of closing its doors, at a press event on Wednesday, June 29, at 1:00PM at the Allentown Boxing Gym located at Ridge Avenue in Allentown. The event is intended to raise awareness about the benefits of the program, is open to the public and will include community speakers, children’s boxing and refreshments.

The Allentown Boxing Gym has been supported by a grant through the Allentown Weed and Seed Program which has now expired. SmileKrafters has stepped in to help support the organization and is currently the only sponsor.  Without additional sources of income, the gym will not be able to cover the expenses to keep the program running.

Allentown Boxing Gym is an organization that provides children with a safe, fun and structured environment. It focuses on allowing youth the opportunity to release energy in a constructive way, gain self-confidence and learn respect for themselves and others.  The gym has taken its participating youth to competitive events such as the Golden Gloves and the Junior Olympics. In the past year, three young boxers have won state championship titles and two have become Eastern Regional Champions.

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