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Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin Skips Over the Issue

Readers may know that The Morning Call’s editorial pages rulebook prohibits opinion pieces from the same writer run more than once a month. So, when I challenged Lehigh County DA Jim Martin on his bloviated reaction to County Controller Mark Pinsley’s request for data in the judicial system, I knew Jim would write something characteristically nasty in response. I also knew I would have no chance to clean myself off from the mud-slinging.

Go back and read my July 1 piece. It was pretty kind to Jim. Then, re-read his response. He is just nasty. And he is a bully. It won’t work with me.

All across the country, communities were moved by the lynching of George Floyd. More white folks are speaking out. People are paying attention.

So, along comes the Color of Justice, an amalgam of concerned citizens and nonprofits supported by Community Action. People want to know whether we have the kinds of disparities other communities have. Jim Martin should want to know that. You should want to know that. Every voter should want to know that, every person thinking about committing a crime should want to know that. Every taxpayer should want to know.

Jim was too busy taking personal potshots at me, all too familiar turf for anyone who’s ever said something he doesn’t support, to mention that the data would be available if the system over which he lords wanted it to be.

So, Jim, you were just a little dishonest. Fortunately, it’s tacky to say someone is a liar. So, Jim, you were just a little dishonest. But, as you said, “consider the source.”

#criminaljustice #LehighCounty

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