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There are few people on the planet who have experienced worse. You would have had to be alive before 1918.

My life has been about fighting for the folks who keep getting knocked down, helping them get back up and get back on that horse. I have prided myself on understanding which way the economy was going and what it meant for people, good and bad. When dealing with the economy there has always been good with the bad. It’s pretty hard to find a good with today’s bad.

In fact, I have no idea where this all goes. Will people turn on each other, dog eat dog? Will they turn toward each other, find a way to virtually hug and help each other out? And how do we help those who are depressed in the best of times? It’s all a muddle. No doubt some of our programs will collapse under the demand and limited resources. How much of this agency will we be able to salvage? We’re a pretty strong organization; there are lots of nonprofits out there that struggle to survive.

Those of us with the good fortune to have some retirement savings have just seen a lot of our gains wiped out. Will those of us in that category give money to teaching girls how to make the right decisions, be proud of who they are and strive to be the best they can be? Or will they give to the hospital? Their alma mater?

I have spent much of my life brooding about injustice. Out of the darkness often comes great light. This time, I don’t know. I just don’t know.

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