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Two Land Trust “Forever Affordable Homes” For Sale!

The Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust (LVCLT) recently placed its first two completely renovated homes on the market! The Land Trust is committed to strengthening communities by providing permanent, affordable housing in the Lehigh Valley. These beautiful and spacious home have been fixed up better than new. The best part is they are being sold below market value!

The first two homes are located in Bethlehem, but if this location doesn’t work for you, there are at least 9 more Land Trust homes being renovated to the same exceptionally high standards and located throughout the Lehigh Valley. Check out the Land Trust website and blog pages for each of the homes to learn more about the program. 

If you are interested in one of the Bethlehem homes currently on the market, please contact Anthony Ramos of Ramos Realty  at 610-866-7023 or via e-mail,

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