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You shouldn’t be lifting those heavy boxes by yourself, dear!

We welcome Lindsay Deemer, Projects Coordinator at Second Harvest Food Bank to Poverty’s Edge.  Lindsay oversees the packing and distribution of nearly 1900 boxes of food that are given to low-income seniors throughout our region each month. She has the opportunity each month to interact with many interesting people, both the recipients and the volunteers who assist with preparing the boxes.  Thanks for sharing your experience!

 “You shouldn’t be lifting those heavy boxes by yourself, dear!”

This is what I typically hear as I deliver senior food boxes to several sites in the Easton area.  Each month my volunteers work for several hours to pack these boxes of food and each month I have lines of seniors waiting to receive them, so I have no qualms about lifting a 30 pound box of food because I know that box is truly meaningful.

Many of the seniors who receive these boxes are very happy to share their opinions (the good, the bad, and the funny) about the items they get in their boxes.

That cheese is great for grilled cheese!

Enough of that tomato juice… I’m sick of it.

Today’s a good day.  I’m alive and I got my box.

Each month I get to travel around to many senior communities, which includes, but is not limited to hearing who won the bingo jackpot last night, getting and giving hugs and thank you’s, practicing my Spanish, making someone’s day a little brighter, and making a difference.  Every day and every box distribution are different.  And I like that. 

If you want to help make a difference and volunteer your time to the senior program, please contact me at

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