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Suburban Homes
مرحبًا بكم في الاستشارة الإسكانية

تلتزم استشارات الإسكان بتزويد العائلات ذات الدخل المنخفض بسلسلة متصلة من الخدمات المنسقة في مكان واحد من أجل تلبية احتياجات الإسكان والائتمان الاستهلاكي بشكل أفضل وبناء ثروة فردية ومجتمعية.

معلومات عنا

هنا في Community Action Lehigh Valley ، يقودنا هدف واحد ؛ للقيام بدورنا في جعل العالم مكانًا أفضل للجميع. تعتمد عملية صنع القرار لدينا على دراسات تجريبية شاملة وتقييم بيانات عالي الجودة. نسعى جاهدين لبناء علاقات مثمرة وإحداث تأثير إيجابي في جميع مساعينا.

homebuyer education

The Home Ownership Counseling Program will prepare you to become a homeowner. The HOCP seminar is organized into six sessions which are conducted on two consecutive Saturdays. During these six sessions you will learn about:

Preparing for Home Ownership

Shopping for a Home

The Closing Process

The Importance of Good Credit

Obtaining a Mortgage

What to Expect as a Home Owner

Upon completion of all six sessions, you will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate should be presented to the loan officer at the time of completing the mortgage application. This will demonstrate that you are serious and informed about home ownership.

individual counseling

Individual Counseling is also available to you during and after the home buying process. Staff can assist you with:

Reviewing Your Credit Report


Selecting the Best Mortgage for You

Loan Document Preparation

Determining Your Affordability

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