Community Action Development Allentown

Community Action Development Allentown elevates and empowers residents by actively promoting neighborhood revitalization, which strengthens the neighborhood economy, improves the quality of life and is inclusive of all residents.

about us

In 2022, Community Action Development Allentown completed year two of the Allentown’s Core Neighborhood Partnership Program in collaboration with multiple youth serving community partners.

Program Director: Daniel Bosket

subsidiary spotlight
  • Throughout 2021-2022, Community Action Development Allentown collaborated with the City of Allentown’s law enforcement staff to implement the 8th year of its signature Youth Academy effort, focused on engaging middle school students from the Allentown School district to examine careers in law enforcement. We assisted multiple community partners to provide events and youth activities reaching over 5,000 residents. Events included: high school basketball tournaments, Annual Dominican Cultural Festival, Downtown Allentown Blues Festival, and the “High Notes Gala” at Americus Hotel, which featured musical performances by Allentown School District students.

  • We funded start-up of the Promise Food and Wellness Center
    at the Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays Elementary School.

  • We collaborated with the Baum Art School to enroll 6 of our NPP sponsored youth graduates from their Basic Fashion Design Course into their advanced Fashion Design Program.

  • We partnered with the Caring Place, Fine Feather Foundation, and Lehigh Valley Arts and Cultural Alliance to conduct an 8-week summer camp for 25 youth featuring arts, dance, vocal workshops and field trips to Crayola Experience, Da Vinci Science Center, America on Wheels Museum, and outings to Li’L-Le-Hi Trout Nursery and local parks.

  • We held first community Fun Fest event in the 500 block of 7th Street in partnership with the Allentown Parking Authority and several community partners.