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racial and ethnic justice

Racial and Ethnic Justice program brings together the wide diversity of people, resources, and perspectives to push back on the bigotry and racism that is all too pervasive in this community to ensure that every person has equal access to opportunity. We currently offer three different program to offer as much widespread support to the community as we can.

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color outside
the lines 

Color Outside the Lines is a 5-to 7-year initiative which promotes diversity, equity and inclusion through trainings and workshops in the community. We partner with local agencies to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the areas of criminal justice, education, economic opportunity and employment, health, mental health, housing, recreation and arts and culture.

For more information, contact Winslow Mason at

Generation Next

Generation Next, a program of Community Action Lehigh Valley, is a college readiness, access, and completion program created to correct disparities in education. Our program works with students to achieve college admission, integrate into college life, and complete a post-secondary program or trade focus.

Generation Next students receive programming within their high school classrooms to develop the essential skills used to navigate high school and college while building a better understanding of themselves.

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SHE is an after-school program that encourages girls to see the many possibilities ahead of them by developing life skills that promote self-esteem, personal well-being, resilience, healthy relationships, teamwork, leadership, and interested in academic success.

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