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racial and ethnic justice

Racial and Ethnic Justice program brings together the wide diversity of people, resources, and perspectives to push back on the bigotry and racism that is all too pervasive in this community to ensure that every person has equal access to opportunity.

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color outside
the lines 

The Color Outside the Lines initiative engages the Lehigh Valley in a conversation about race and ethnicity that eliminates barriers to fairness and opportunity, strengthens our community, and leaves no one behind.

For more information, contact:

Candace Moody (they/them) at


We facilitate community-based racial conversations that provide diverse groups the opportunity to voice their opinions, explore and express their feelings towards the culture of the Lehigh Valley, receive education, and ultimately feel empowered to make a difference. 

We provide implicit bias trainings tailored specifically to the professional context of the requesting entity. Trainings are currently being conducted in local school districts with administration, staff, and faculty and at local businesses. These trainings are not a “once and done” solution. We provide multiple trainings with subsequent reinforcement guides and discussions to reaffirm your commitment to racial equity and ensure measurable change is enacted.

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Photo from left to right:
Deja, Community Organizer
Olga, SHE Program Coordinator
Kumari, Program Director
Candace (they/them), Community Organizer
Conner, Administrative Assistant
Jenylin, Generation Next Program Coordinator


In addition to the Color Outside the Lines initiative and our trainings, Racial and Ethnic Justice also offers youth programs in partnership with local school districts.

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