community Action Development Bethlehem

Southside's Tomorrow

Southside’s Tomorrow is a partnership between the City of Bethlehem and Community Action Development Bethlehem, a subsidiary of nonprofit Community Action Lehigh Valley.


The initiative focuses on ways to integrate the needs and wants of current residents into long-term sustainable solutions that both modernize and preserve the integrity of the Southside community. We incorporate an emphasis on youth development, community engagement, public spaces, housing advocacy, and urban agriculture to build a meaningful and sustainable environment for residents and future generations.


Through a public input process, Southside’s Tomorrow has identified three areas in which to focus its resources over the next six years.

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Housing Affordability
& Quality

South Bethlehem will have a variety of quality, affordable renter- and owner-occupied housing options and encourage development that meet the needs and wants of current and new residents alike.

Public & Green Spaces

Preserve the integrity of existing public and green spaces while investing in practical and creative utilization of those spaces to foster community engagement while addressing community concerns.

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Communication & Connectivity

Build a sense of collective community identity through modernized initiatives that enhance residents’ belonging, pride, and fellowship.